LinkedOut Messaging

The only way to load all your LinkedIn™ Messages into your Gmail account
Great for consolidated searching and integration with CRMs and similar systems


Connect to Google so we can load the messages.

Let's start with the basic details.

So we can match your emails against your name.
Must be exactly as you have it on LinkedIn, e.g. "Evan Leybourn, CSM, TLA"
Your email address will be used to correctly format emails sent to you when loading into Gmail
We'll add all the LinkedIn messages to a single folder to ease of searching

Load up your LinkedIn Data Export ZIP file.

Choose ZIP file (e.g.

Important note: Messages with multiple recipients or those sent by people not in your LinkedIn Connections will not be included in the Gmail load.

Important note: We only store your connections and messages on the server long enough to load into your Gmail account. The content will be deleted immediately after loading. Only the message ID will be stored so we remember which messages have been loaded previously.